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Your Biscuit reviews

The craft of Biscuit reviewing is catching on! So we've created this page to collect together all the reviews you've been sending in. As you can see pictures are good, so take some snaps to go with your review.

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Wagon Wheels

Phil's Wagon Wheels review

In the world of biscuits, many could be related to types of people. For example the Hobnob (if were a person) would be the kinda guy you expect to chop his own wood, grow his own vegetables and make his own moonshine that he sells down the local pub. The digestive on the other hand would be a middle class woman living on her own, making a fair salary and being proud of it.

So, I ask myself: if a Wagon Wheel was a person what would they be like? Well after my investigation of the biscuit I have a very good idea. They would be the kind of person who has an average job, good looking spouse, but underneath it all have an amazingly eccentric, exciting and exhilarating hobby!

The humble begging of the Wagon Wheel for me was a biscuit palmed off to our family by grandparents. Not a good start as being force-fed Wagon Wheels usually makes you hold a deep hatred and resentment for them in all shapes and forms. But after a few years the hatred died and I soon grew to like them.

Admittedly the Wagon Wheel is a rather perverted form of a biscuit, never the less, still a good one.

The two layers of enclosed biscuit really define it way from things like Bourbons and Custard Creams. The filling being (in my opinion) the tasty alternative to foam used to ship ming vases. The biscuit texture is more soft than hard, but not so you have to bung it under the grill to get it back to it's original crispiness.

The chocolate coating is not actually real, but some weird alternative chocolate that has probably come from a parallel dimension. I'm not saying it's bad, but it does taste and crumble very strangely.

Over all the combination of the softish biscuit(s), foam and chocolate makes for a good chomp on a Sunday night. I enjoy the range of different flavours and like the BN caters for most tastes.

So as the advert says: "AAAhhh... You Would". Go and try a biscuit that is sounds better than it looks.

On a side note, don't actually try and use them for wagon wheels, they seem never able to hold the weight.

Go nuts biscuit fans!