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Your Biscuit reviews

The craft of Biscuit reviewing is catching on! So we've created this page to collect together all the reviews you've been sending in. As you can see pictures are good, so take some snaps to go with your review.

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Phil's Digestive Cream review

There are some things in this roundabout world that should, will and could be; and I suppose the Digestive Cream is one of those factors. It had to happen in the end!

I can imagine the scene as the pure genius at Hill biscuits converged into this new concept, actually bending space-time to make this untainted product. This blinding simple idea has been staring engineers in the face for years and finally the preverbal biscuit has been cracked!

The two layers taste exactly the same as the original McVities Digestives, and in the words of Nicey "It's versatile providing the base for many more elaborate biscuits" Hill have done very well to combine it with the original Custard Cream filling.

The three sections perfectly compliment each other in some kind of beautiful biscuit ballet. The sections by themselves are good but now they have been converged the deliciousness has gone up ten fold!

But Hill didn't stop there. They knew that the look and smell are also key to biscuitness.

Most know that the smell of Digestives is not too fantastic, but these smell of custard creams! I could hardly contain my excitement I chopped through the packet with the delightful aroma of old English custard gently drifting up my nose.

And it gets better still! The archaic scrolling curves on the biscuits add air of prestige and vintage. To me it feels like this biscuit should be sitting as an illumination in a monk's manuscript.

This is science gone mad, this is a hybrid. But instead of being really scary and eating people's skin, it is a fantastic joining of ideas and finally the breakthrough we have all been waiting for.

If anyone would like to know where these biscuits were obtained, or complain about my reviews please E-mail me. But don't ask any hard questions about biscuits, leave that for the experts (Nicey).