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The Wife's bit

Welcome the Wife's very lovely bit of the site.

Disagree with her at your peril by mailing

YMOSC on Junior Mastermind

Friday 14 Dec 2007
Well it's not all tea and biscuits in the NCOTAASD extended family. The Younger Members of Staff (and indeed the rest of us) are very excited that their Cousin is going to be appearing in Junior Mastermind next Wednesday (19th December)

She'll be the one who knows all about Tiger Woods.

The Official NiceCupOfTeaAndaSitDown Facebook Group is born

Wednesday 31 Oct 2007
Well we've finally decided that if you can't beat them, join them. So we've set up our very own facebook group for all NCOTAASD fans to keep even more up to date with the fast moving world of tea and sit downs.

It's here

PS, if you don't know what I'm talking about, then the link probably won't work as you have to have an account to join up. Warning. If you join you may loose many minutes of your day on there!

I think I'm having a mid-life crisis

Wednesday 16 May 2007
We all do strange things when we reach a 'certain age'. My friend Beryl ran a marathon, some people have affairs or buy a sportscar. Not me, oh no, I have turned into a hippy. It started with me taking up cycling to work, which wasn't a really big deal. It's much quicker than getting the bus or driving, and it lets me feel all smug and 'right on'. Okay, it's only about 13.34 miles, but it was the first step in my madness.

The next step has just happened. I've told Nicey that for my birthday I don't want to go to Paris or New York. No. That'd be silly. I told him I fancied going cycle camping in Suffolk. I dunno what came over me. Maybe it was the fun we had car camping there a few weeks ago, or maybe I want to get back to that hiking camping I did in Cork with the scouts in 1987.

Hmmm, has anyone got any advice as to how we can possibly survive with all we need strapped to our bikes for three days?

In other business it's time for the NCOTAASD annual appeal for the 'Race for Life' for Cancer Research. This year although I am doing it, I'm supporting my niece Kathryn's appeal instead. She's only ten, and is planning to run it for someone very special, so if you're not supporting anyone else (and I hope you all are), then please sponsor her.

I'm not allowed to put a picture of Kathryn on the internet, so here's a picture of some of the NCOTAASD bikes intead.

Save Milton Country Park

Wednesday 3 Jan 2007

Our cash strapped district council wants to shut down the nicecupofteaandasitdown park. This is a disaster, as not only is it a very nice park and valuable local asset, it's where we go to get our blackberries and plums to make jam. If you care about local wildlife, the countryside and even the planet, then please, go to the save milton country park site, read about it and sign the petition to keep it open.

Grrrr. This sort of thing really winds me up. We talk about saving the planet, but how can we hope to save the planet if we can't save a little local country park?

Sign up to save the planet!

Alison Hi Wifey
Happy New Year to you, Nicey and the YMOS - yes, I've signed your petition. Outrageous what some Councils will do to try and save money. You'll probably find some massive great planning application for housing is sneaked in to replace it if you're not vigilant.
Best of luck; hopefully with enough support from NCOTAASD stalwarts, the Council should sit up and take notice.
All the best
Wifey replies: Thanks. And yes, a great big new car park or houses are a worry!

Glad tidings to you and yours too.

Shooting Stars

Monday 13 Nov 2006
Last Thursday was a lovely clear day here in Cambridgeshire. When I got home from work at about 5.30 I glanced up at the stars just in time to see a shooting star fly across the sky. I've told a few people about this, as I think shooting stars are special, and have been really surprised at how many friends I have who claim never to have seen one.
This is mad!. On a clear night at any time of year you can see several every hour, and when there is a meteor shower you can see up to 50 or 100 per hour. It's the Leonids this weekend, so I want everyone to go out (unless it's cloudy, then I'll let you off) and look up at the sky until they see a shooting star. Go on, go on, go on, you'll thank me for it when you've seen one.
The best time is just before dawn, but you can look up any time it's dark and if you wait long enough you'll see one.