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Your Biscuit reviews

The craft of Biscuit reviewing is catching on! So we've created this page to collect together all the reviews you've been sending in. As you can see pictures are good, so take some snaps to go with your review.

Please keep your mails coming in to

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Phil's BN review

A terrible advertising campaign and intended target audience the BN biscuit quite literally put it's own smiley face through the preverbal noose of abhorrence.

The name invoked a ideas of a formula only used by mad scientists bent on ruling the world. Aiming the biscuit at hyperactive children and lonely housewives (as depicted in the advert) was another shot in the head for this midrange biscuit.

Unfortunately the BN is quite misunderstood.

I ran into this biscuit at my younger brother's birthday party, wondering if I could escape by faking illness I proceeded to consume the ones at hand. Staggering back, I surprised myself as what I originally thought to be a "pukeinducer" was really quite tasty.

The best thing about the BNB is the was its ability to make you feel like you've almost eaten nothing. After some chewing the biscuit has completely disappeared with no after taste or "biscuit breath".

Novel design of packaging as well. Opening in the middle is really a first in the biscuit world. This, I have found, stops the usual rummaging for unchipped biscuits to give to guests or friends. Also the amazing diversity of languages for the ingredients leaves any biscuit eater transfixed with wondering what "sugar" is in Russian.

The biscuit its self if quite large, with an entertaining face in the centre; also providing the eater with a preview to what lays inside. Coming in a verity of flavours (I would have to say strawberry is my favourite) it leaves no biscuit eater faction left out.

No biscuit is without it's faults and the BN is no exception. When bitten into the biscuity part likes to explode into crumbs, although aiding chewing, it makes you look like you have consumed several packets. The bizarre coating on the biscuit also makes it impervious to water based drinks, only the human mouth seems to be able to breach the BN's defence.

An thus ends my report. Please consider eating one, you may be surprised