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Nicey replies: Sigh.. another one of those lovely designer chappies has come to the aid of all us hapless tea drinkers and dunkers with some woeful bit of tat that is supposed to turn our lives around. Doesn't it ever cross these peoples minds that if you like to dunk biscuits in your tea then you might have actually become semi proficient at it and not require some basket device in your cup. Besides which its your tea, its not some kiddies paddling pool filled with plastic toys.

Honestly there is only one thing worse that the designers who can't see over the brim of their own tea cup for inspiration, and thats the web-designers wishing for somebody else to make them a cup of tea cause they are too busy / bone idle to make it themselves. Not so busy that they can't while away a few days/weeks knocking out some web page thingy that is going to choose somebody next to them to go and make it.

Recently Cravendale Milk got in touch to say they were working on a super secret tea related web application, and were we interested. I said yes but I hope its not one of those 'Who's turn is it to make the tea?' sort of things as they had been done to death. They went quiet for two months.. then came back to us saying, yes it was indeed a 'Who's turn is it to make the tea sort of thing' and it was all but ready to go. If they had asked we could have given them our painfully distilled wisdom about why these things are a all a bit useless and given the amount languishing out there un-used a really sure fire way of paying some web-designer to a load of cash to re-invent a particularly un-necessary wheel.

Well here it is. Their innovation is that it doesn't let you send the 'make the tea' message again for another 2 minutes after you have just sent it. I just thought of two ways round that just this second. As always it chooses people at random, rather than in order, and it's completely unaware of people's days off, holidays etc. As I said they only had to ask.

Gemma Rollason

Iced Gems Review
Nicey replies: Thank you Gemma,

You have enriched all our lives with your insights.

Perhaps one could spear the little blighters on a sturdy paper clip and go for complete immersion (entirely conjecture on my part).

Richard Chenevix-Trench
The FrenchBiscuit tinDunking
Nicey replies: I'm doing my utmost to empathise but not really making it. So your basic concern is that posh French biscuits should really be available only in tins? However, I certainly follow your basic premise that biscuit tins are a good thing, and it gives my a good excuse to use our biscuit tin icon.

Jammie DodgerDunking

Noblice Review
Nicey replies: Nick,

Good work on the plops, they seem to have tried to paper over the cracks by diverting our attention to the chap with half an oven ready chicken in a red jumper on his head. Still well done the Belgians this is certainly a ridiculous name that deserves to be up there in the pantheon of dreadful names.

As for Jammie Dodgers they always have some form of viscous jammy glue inside and never a cream filling as in the case of the much admired Jam Cream Sandwich. Recent Vanilla Thriller Jammie Dodgers did have weird whitish sort of jam in them too, but in all honesty this was very much like jam with a dash of white emulsion paint in it (technically true as titanium oxide was used, the same white compound used in paints and horseradish sauce).

Sara Tumalty
Fig rollsDunking

Fig Roll Review
Nicey replies: Sara,

Right first off I'm not sure what the biscuits are being subjected to, but if its just a straight forward see how long they can be dunked for then that's fairly meaningless. I can think of a two biscuits that could be immersed in boiling hot tea and shrug it off as if it had never happened, but I'll keep that to myself until I've been on the show.

As for the stale thing we have to debunk that on a regular basis, as it is riddled with exceptions. Indeed the preceding message I've just posted about the Irish Kimberley shows that they have to go stale rendering them hard before non Irish people trust them. It won't do to be sniping at the Fig Roll and trying to make out that it's not a biscuit but is a cake that somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in a biscuit packet. It's actually the filling of the fig roll that gives it a resilience against the hot tea rather than its pastry outer. Feel free to debate the nature of the Fig Roll at length but be aware that French have one that starts off crunchy and goes soft when stale, which we covered in our FigFest.

As for ginger nuts I think that was a good plan, If you had gone in with a Griffins one from New Zealand you might have won.