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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Mrs Turner

Bahlsen Orange Choco Leibniz Review
Nicey replies: Mrs Turner,

The only solution to your problem is to get a bigger drawer so that you can take full advantage of the current BOGOF.

Ben Skerry
Nicey replies: The Twix does have a piece of biscuit inside it, which gives it a much better claim on being a biscuit than the fact that it can be immersed in tea. However it stalks around in the outer reaches of the Venn Diagram in the union of chocolate bars and chocolate covered biscuits. As such it has a foot in both camps, but its heritage is that of confectionary rather than biscuit, so I'm more than inclined to place it with its confectionary stable mates such as the Mars bar and Malteser.

Actually somebody asked last week if Maltesers were biscuits and I didn't grace them with such a long reply.

Nicholas Bryan
Nicey replies: Personally I view the Rusk as a training biscuit. Obviously some people require more training than others. Curiously the younger members of staff required no training what so ever. As to if they should be for babies only, I think that is a matter for an individuals conscience, unless of course you are actually in some way stealing them from babies, which would be a bit out of order.

Actually I've never understood that expression 'easy as stealing candy from a baby'. I recall when one of the younger members of staff got hold of Wifey's box of handmade Belgan Chocolates, I had a hell of job rescuing the remains and it took a couple of j-clothes and a bath to clean up the mess.

Robert Green
ChocolateVending machinesDunking
Nicey replies: Rob,

The dunking of chocolate biscuits has long been frowned upon as poor manners, however, in recent years it has begun to become more socially acceptable. Just recently as reported in our last newsletter the McVitie's Chocolate Caramel came tops in poll of over 350,000 people. Personally I think its messy and a bit futile in the case of entirely coated biscuits.

In you specific case I would think your colleague would be better advised to direct his energies to worrying about the fact that you to have to drink stuff made by a vending machine.

Richard Sefton

KitKat Review