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Custard Cream

Saturday 9 Mar 2002

I've received emails urging me to review the Custard Cream, which I'm very happy to do, as apparently I was weaned on the middle bits from them, according to my Mum. And as such they were my first serious foray into the world of Biscuits.

Its a little known fact that the incisor teeth of the male human are specially adapted to prize apart the two biscuits of the custard cream so that the tasty cream layer can be got at.

Custard Creams are good from just about anyone, and are one of those classic biscuits that the big supermarkets do very well as their own brand. Its baroque embossing harks back to an earlier time where the Custard Cream was no doubt a sophisticated biscuit, not the old faithful its become today. However stick a few on a plate at any informal biscuit eating event such as a seminar, or dare I say it, coffee morning, and watch them disappear.

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Sunday 10 Feb 2002

A complete one off, the Garibaldi biscuit is unlike any other, and as such commands a unique position in the biscuit world.

Where do I begin, its got more currents in it than even a fruit shortcake. They come in big slabs with little marks where you are supposed to break them up. Its almost like they are shipping in kit form, and it requires a little extra bit of engagement from the biscuit eater.

They seem somehow flatter than other biscuits and their glaze gives them a high specular index.

Affectionately known as dead fly biscuits, yet again the sheer fact they have a nick name marks them out from their other biscuit brethren.

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Sunday 3 Feb 2002

The undisputed king of the large diameter biscuits, this is truly an iconic biscuit.

Found in two main varieties, SweetMeal and WholeMeal, the digestive biscuit sets a standard for the whole biscuit world. Its satisfying nature make the biscuit eater consider how many to have at a time 1,2 or maybe 3. It's versatile providing the base for many more elaborate biscuits, (see Chocolate Caramels), and even chocolate covered biscuit bars such as the Breakaway, or the base for Cheesecakes.

Once again the biscuit shown here is from McVities, and its a WholeMeal. Other people attempt to make digestives but they taste like cardboard compared to the mighty McVities.

I have seen girls slip a sheet of kitchen roll in the bottom of their biscuit tins, when opening a new packet of digestives, and although this is completely unnecessary, it is strangely alluring.

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