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Isabel Stainsby
Fig rolls

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Review
Nicey replies: Good reasoned thinking, however, the mice in Bagpuss were a dodgy bunch and were not really making Chocolate Biscuits out of Butter Beans. They kept producing the same chocolate biscuit from round the back over and over again. They probably pinched this too. (I go into this in some depth in our book)

BTW Bagpuss has just won a poll or something You can see the mice in the picture. They look a bit shifty, I think its the eyes.

Chris Greenshaw

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Review
Nicey replies: Chris,

Judging by the glaring omission of a supporting photograph we can only assume that the poor little chap was quickly and humanely dispatched. Unfortunately I don't have the statistics for such things to hand. I suspect they are impressively low as this is I think the first time it has been reported to us, and that the mighty McVities wouldn't tell us even if they knew.

Neil Simmons

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Review
Nicey replies: Neil,

You are basically compounding the recent history of the McVities Chocolate Digestive into one issue. The Homewheat branding was dropped a bit over two years ago as McVities sought to refocus on the McVities name after the nasty dabbling with MacDonaldsesque 'McV' of 2002. So this was really an exercise in re-branding and fitted in well with the planned diversification of the Digestive. Indeed just the other week we bought some new McVities Yog Fruit digestives, topped with a sort of white substance and bearing little clumps of squashed fruit matter. This would have been un-thinkable five years ago, but now seems somewhat inevitable.

The biscuit too has changed a good deal in that time loosing lots of its salt content and its payload of hydrogenated fat. With the best will in the world it can't be said that the biscuits of yore are at all like today's, such is the price of progress.

Matt Youson
Jaffa cakes

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Review
Nicey replies: Yes these things have a habit of cropping up on a Sunday morning at the Spanish Grand Prix. I actually wrote about this very incident in our book in the chapter about Chocolate digestives, as it left a lasting emotional scar of the 'killing of Bambi's mother' variety when I found out that Chocolate Biscuits weren't made from butter beans and breadcrumbs.

Any how with the benefit of archived Bagpuss on YouTube and just my memory to go on I recalled that they were 'Chocolate Biscuits' and therefore chocolate digestives.

The short clip you referred to does have a biscuit with the distinctive pattern in the chocolate as produce by the McVities enrobing process, although in that shot I think the lighting is making it appear a bit domed. I stick with my original memory and the fact that back in 1974 I would have known exactly what sort of biscuit it was, with un-erring accuracy.

Rew Reynolds

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Review
Nicey replies: Mr Rew,

These are common problems faced by most office workers. The problem is the basic conflict between peoples individual preferences in tea and the need some people seem to have for their tea to be made for them. Personally I've always found large tea rotas to be a pain. As you point out the tea is often made by people with odd and unpalatable personal tea habits. Sometimes there is a tendency for too many cups of tea to made if the rota is large as people just like the excuse to slope off for a while on the pretence of performing the altruistic task of tea making.

I've always suspected that those who most vocally insist that everybody makes cups of tea for everybody else are in-fact missing the attention of their parents who probably waited on them hand and foot for years.

I've always preferred making my own tea, rather than having some teabag squeezer or too-much-milk type forcing some dreadful brew upon me. A small select micro-rota of no more than three people with those who I actually like and have trained to make tea correctly to my specifications is about as for it goes for me.

As for the biscuits this too is sadly inevitable. You'll need to tell everyone in no uncertain terms that they either take turns buying the biscuits or they can take a hike. They should respect your position on this one, and you'll have set the stage for you to dish out withering remarks about pinching biscuits to the transgressors, which should cheer you up.