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Erin Newby
Seek you the Grail

Fox's Butter Crinkle Crunch Review
Nicey replies: Its not in their current range as far as know, but they are always up to something with their crunch range so maybe it will get another chance one day. BTW They have just done a chocolate crunch which is very reminiscent of a biscuit I used to buy from Sainsbury's when particularly flush in the 1980's. Maybe its a harbinger for the Treacle Crunch. In fact you could come up with quite a convincing mythology around biscuits being harbingers for the coming of other ones. In a three weird sisters form Macbeth sort of way.. "When the chocolate crunch is once more upon the shelves of Sainsbury's and Huntley and Palmers arise fro their long slumber with their Olivers all chocolate covered, then shall ye seek the treacle crunch cream - or not".

Mrs Viscount

Fox's Butter Crinkle Crunch Review
Nicey replies: Dear Mrs Viscount,

Indeed it is very odd that your Butter Crinkle Crunch are not going all limp. There must be some powerful dehumidifying going on in your office possibly due to over-zealous air conditioning. Normally such dry air is a bit unpleasant as it actually dehydrates the people working in it. As you are in Ireland perhaps the very high tea intake you'll no doubt have and residual Irish weather permeating your attire protects you from this.

As for your Boss he probably want's to go home early too. Either that or he is an alien with some strange need for the moisture harvested from Irish people. Its probably the first thing though.

Andrew Maddison

Fox's Butter Crinkle Crunch Review
Nicey replies: As it so happens I had three of them yesterday for elevensees, they are very nice aren't they.


Fox's Butter Crinkle Crunch Review
Nicey replies: Oh yes if there's one thing a Butter Crunch likes it is to absorb moisture, hot tea being its optimum choice.

The Sugary Topped Bloomers

Fox's Butter Crinkle Crunch Review
Nicey replies: Yay, for informal biscuit reviewing circles. Perhaps, it might catch on as a social phenomena, like Karaoke. Amateur biscuit reviewers, up and down the country might dream of appearing in prime time TV shows like 'Biscuits in their packets'.